How Do I Perform a Backup to a CD with Surveillix Version 3.0?
FAQ #318
To perform a backup to a CD with the new Surveillix 3.0 software, follow the steps below;

1. From the Live Screen click the Backup button.

2. In the Backup Center window use the time grid to select the time slots to backup. (each block represents a ten minute time period within the hour)

3. Within the Select Backup Media section, check the CD-ROM drive checkbox.

4. You will be prompted to select the number of CDs that will be used for this backup. Enter the number of CDs that will be required to contain all the data for the amount of time you selected to backup then press the OK button.

o The Backup Status Section displays the size of the backup under Backup Size; this is based on the times you selected. The Media Size is the amount of space that is on the selected Backup Media. If the Backup Size is greater than the Media Size you will need to use multiple CDs to perform the backup. Select Multiple CDs using the CD-Rom Disk Number prompt.

5. Use the Include Viewer checkbox to have the Backup Viewer software installed on the CD. This will allow you to view the backup from a PC without having to install the Stand-Alone Backup Viewer software on that PC (this is checked by default).

6. Click the Start Backup button. A window displaying a summary of the backup options you selected will appear.

7. Click the Start Backup button and the backup will begin. This window will close and you will be taken back to the Live Screen. In the bottom right corner of the Live Screen you will have a Backup Progress bar. When this reaches 100% the recorder will automatically eject the CD and the Backup will be complete.

o If you are using multiple CDs to perform the backup; when the current CD is full the recorder will eject the CD and you will be prompted with a disk change window. Insert another blank CD and click the Ok button to continue the backup process.

Clip Backup Procedure

To perform a clip backup follow these steps;

1. From the Live Screen click Backup.

2. In the Backup Center window click the Clip tab.

3. On the Channel Selection section check the cameras you wish to backup.

4. Within the Description section give the clip a title and optional memo notes.

5. Under the Backup Drive section choose your CD drive as the backup media.

6. Use Time Setup to choose the start and end time of the clip to backup.

7. Check the Include Viewer checkbox to add the backup viewer software to the CD.

8. Click the Backup button when all your settings are set.

The backup process will begin with a progress bar showing the progress of the backup. Once this is complete the recorder will automatically eject the CD and the backup is complete.

Performing an AVI backup

Performing an AVI clip backup allows you to make a backup of a single clip from a single camera in AVI format that can be viewed by using any media player that supports AVI files. To perform this procedure you will need to follow these steps;

1. From the Live Screen click Search.

2. From the Search screen, select your one camera and use the Select Date button to pick a date and time to search for your clip. Click OK.

3. On the bottom left of the screen click Save.

4. Click the AVI File option.

5. Choose the duration or length of the clip. The drop down box only goes to 100 seconds however you can type in any number into the box.

6. Choose your Quality setting. 100 is the best quality and it is recommended to keep this setting at 100 unless space on your disk is an issue.

7. Click Export.

8. In the Save As window, use the drop down to select your CD.

9. Name your AVI file if desired using the File Name field, or leave it as the default.

10. Click Save.

11. A popup will come up asking you if you want to add more clips to the backup. If you want to add additional clips click Yes if not click No.

a. Repeat steps 1-10 to add another clip to the backup

12. The clip will be exported to the CD. Click OK on the popup stating the Export has completed successfully. The progress bar displays the progress on the burn process to the CD. When this reaches 100% the CD will automatically be ejected and your CD is ready.

You can also save clips to a local drive. To do this repeat the above steps with the exception of choosing a local drive on the Save As window instead of the CD. Click the Save button and your clip will be saved to the location you specified.

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