How Can I Access the Administrator Menu of my Network Camera from a Remote Location?
FAQ #88

To access the administrator menu of any network camera, enter the path for your model, specified below, into your web browser.

If you are connecting to the camera from inside your local network, replace [camera ip] with the ipaddress that is displayed in camera finder. If you are connecting to the camera from outside your local network (over the internet), replace [camera ip] with your public ip address. This can be obtained by going to on a computer that is located on the same network as your camera. For assistance in accessing your camera from outside of your local network, please consult the “Configuring remote access” FAQ.

The [camera port] variable should be replaced with whatever port is assigned to the camera. The port can be found in camera finder and is 80 by default. If the camera is set to port 80, the [camera port] variable can be omitted.


http://[camera ip]:[camera port]/adm_login.htm



http://[camera ip]:[camera port]/admin.htm



http://[camera ip]:[camera port]



http://[camera ip]:[camera port]

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